My name is Valentin, I'm a french student and I draw in my spare time. One year ago, I created this website to expose my drawings and I called it "Dessins Fantastiques", which means "Fantastic Drawings".
So if you don't speak french at all, you will find in the tab "Les + récents" my newest drawings, then the pages "Plantes", "Robots" and "Animaux" gather together all my drawings of plants, robots and animals. The page "Autres" gathers together the drawings I couldn't classify in one of the previous categories, and I post all my sketches and doodles on the page "Gribouillis". Finally, you can find a gallery of all my drawings on the page "Gallerie", and you can start a slide show by simply clicking on one of the pictures.

  I draw by fountain pen, sometimes by fine felt pen. Since recently, I also make digital drawings on my graphic tablet (a Yiynova MVP22U). I use several softwares : Sketchbook Pro, Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC. I draw what crosses my mind, like plants which curl and twist round in every sense, funny robots, tribal animals and objects or totally abstract shapes... At first, I drew my inspiration from different artistic styles : tribal art, flowery vector drawings, arabesques... And then I developed little by little my own style of drawing.

(This drawings are not by me, I just posted them here to show you by what I was inspired.)

  I often have only a vague idea of the final look of my drawing because I improvise it as I go along. However, I make a sketch before drawing something with a special form, to recopy then cleanly the contours. 

You can do whatever you want with the pictures you will find on my site (except using them for commercial purposes), but if you post them on other sites, please think about letting me know before.

   If you have questions or requests, you can contact me at this mail : dessinsfantastiques@gmail.com !

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